Instagram Updates Your Small Business Needs to Utilize for Success

Instagram previously was a world of perfection and unrealistic standards. Recently, the app’s atmosphere has loosened up into what some people are calling “casual Instagram.” In this movement, users are trying to be more transparent, realistic, and relatable. By including these elements consumers can connect with, marketing products and services online has been more successful. With all of the recent updates, Instagram is becoming an area where there is more creativity and connection. Brands can take advantage of this by posting lighthearted stories with linked music or using the reels feature for videos. 

New Instagram Reels Features are a Game Changer

2022 has brought many updates within the social media world and Instagram is not one to fall behind. The app’s newer version has come out with many new features that are important to understand for marketers but the main thing that Instagram has been working on is reels. With the rise of TikTok and theContinue reading “New Instagram Reels Features are a Game Changer”