Instagram Updates Your Small Business Needs to Utilize for Success

Recently, it has become harder to stay informed on apps and their never-ending updates. Instagram is no exception. Instagram has always been the app used to stay connected with your friends and community but, in the past year, it has become the perfect platform for marketing your personal brand. Let’s dive into some of the newest features and trends on Instagram that brands should be taking advantage of. 

1. Notes Feature 

Perhaps one of the most noticeable updates on Instagram is the new Notes feature. In this update, users are able to send a short, 60 character max, note that lasts for up to 24 hours. Once a note has been posted, all of your friends on Instagram are able to view it unless you have “close friends” set up. Unlike normal stories or posts, your followers will not be notified anytime you post a note. To view and respond to Notes, navigate to the inbox icon in the top right of the homepage. Here you will be able to see your friends profile pictures along with the first few words of their note. If you wish to see the full note or respond, you simply tap on the text. To send a note of your own, go to the same area and tap on the plus sign of your icon. With this new feature, you can casually remind your followers of any new updates regarding your brand such as an opening or product launch. 

2. Reposting 

Reposting has now become a huge source of content for Instagram users. It is an easy way for brands to bring material to their followers without having to deal with creating ideas of their own. A perfect example of this would be a customer posting a story with your product. Simply repost this to your company’s account with a call to action caption and you are done. This is especially easy when your brand has been tagged or mentioned in a post. 

3. Collab Posts 

Did you happen to work with another brand or influencer? Now, users have the option to create a joint post where both Instagram usernames are displayed. The post will be visible on both of the collaborators’ profiles. To create a joint post, act as if you are making a normal post and use the “Tag People” button to then reveal an “Invite Collaborator” option. 

4. Grid Pinning 

Although this is not a brand new update, most Instagram users are not aware of or using it properly. In grid pinning, you are able to select up to three posts to pin to the top of your account. This is a great way to draw attention to an older yet significant post or perhaps a picture that received a lot of interaction. 

5. Scheduled Posts 

For those users who find it hard to remember posting or like to plan ahead, this is just the update for you. Now, by navigating to “Advanced Settings” while posting, users are able to click “Scheduling” and choose any publication time. This is a perfect way to ensure you are continuing to have a social media presence without always having to remember when to post.

6. Casual Instagram 

Instagram previously was a world of perfection and unrealistic standards. Recently, the app’s atmosphere has loosened up into what some people are calling “casual Instagram.” In this movement, users are trying to be more transparent, realistic, and relatable. By including these elements consumers can connect with, marketing products and services online has been more successful. With all of the recent updates, Instagram is becoming an area where there is more creativity and connection. Brands can take advantage of this by posting lighthearted stories with linked music or using the reels feature for videos. 

All of these features can significantly bring value to your brand. If you think your social media accounts need some assistance, reach out to us at to learn more about our services.

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