New Instagram Reels Features are a Game Changer

2022 has brought many updates within the social media world and Instagram is not one to fall behind. The app’s newer version has come out with many new features that are important to understand for marketers but the main thing that Instagram has been working on is reels. With the rise of TikTok and the short length, scrollable video format, Instagram has been doing its best to adapt in the form of reels. Reels are similar to TikTok videos where creators can make entertaining video content to express their brand and/or educate their audience. They allow for people to participate in trends, engage in different communities and discover ideas and businesses they may be interested in. Instagram is quickly coming out with new features for reels to make them more interesting, immersive and easy to use. Here are some of these newer Instagram Reel features and how they work.


Instagram has now come out with templates to make creating reels easier and more efficient for everyone. It does this by preloading things like audio and clip placeholders so all that you need to do is add your own videos. These template ideas can be found by tapping the camera icon in the reels tab. 


If you need even more creative inspiration, you can also check out the Dual feature that allows you to record content and your reaction at the same time by using your phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously. This feature plays on the popularity of reaction videos and can bring a fun, personable feel to your videos. 

New Audio Options

Instagram Reels has also come out with new audio features that will take the audio portion to the next level. You can now adjust volume, add voice overs and import your own audio along with adding things like text to speech and sound effects. These features make for much more seamless audio and some can be found by clicking the song note icon on the preview screen.

Interactive Stickers

You can now also add interactive stickers to reels, much similar like you’d do for stories. This includes things like polls, quizzes, emoji sliders and much more! This offers the opportunity for your followers to engage with your brand and give opinions on what they like and don’t like. 

Reels statistically help gain engagement through views and followers which is why they are a crucial tool for marketers. Having an understanding of all of these features will help as you learn how to create content through reels, but extra help is always available through Oliver&Co Social! Contact us at for a custom Instagram audit or to book a social media consultation.

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