Facebook and Instagram Roll Out Big Changes

What You Should Know

Over the last week or so, Facebook and Instagram have launched several new features to their platforms, as well as undergone an even BIGGER change to their overall brand!

The first and most major order of business, is Facebook’s name change to “Meta.” Due to the recent legal issues surrounding Facebook as well as a desire to expand into opportunities beyond the social sphere, the company has decided to change its parent name. You will now see the “Meta” logo displayed at the bottom of the loading screen on both Instagram and Facebook when the app is first opened on mobile.

Other than the new name, there are also several big features coming to the platforms in the coming weeks. First, Instagram has merged all video content. Now reels, videos, and lives will all appear under a combined “video” tab on profiles rather than across separate tabs. This aims to simplify the browsing experience by funneling all of an account’s video content to one area.

Additionally, Instagram has announced a new feature: Collabs. These “collaborations” open up the opportunity to more easily facilitate branded collaborations, giveaways, and shared content creation, by allowing a single post to simultaneously appear across the accounts of all collaborating partners once posted. While increasing visibility for some partnerships and creating more opportunity for shared content, this may pose a potential problem for accounts who wish to maintain a certain “aesthetic.”

Lastly, Facebook is in the testing phase of introducing “Reels” to its platform. Right now, the feature is only offered by invitation to certain accounts, but once it rolls out to everyone all brands will be able to use reels to promote their products and take better advantage of Facebook’s shop feature.

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