7 Key LinkedIn Features Every Company Page Should Utilize

LinkedIn is a growing social media platform that has become essential for businesses when it comes to building a network, generating brand awareness and fostering key relationships with both business links and consumers. With over 700 million members, a strong company page is a necessary stepping stone for building your brand’s social media presence. It’s easy enough to create a company page and start posting, however, knowing where to aim the focus after initially establishing their page can be more difficult. Here are 7 LinkedIn features companies should utilize when posting on their page. 

1. Stories

Similarly to networks like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn also has a “story” feature that allows you to share more casual posts such as company updates and hiring alerts on a 24 hour refreshing basis. This feature is great because it helps express your company culture to your followers while also making it easier to form relationships through direct message responses. 

2. Reactions

LinkedIn reactions are also a game changer when it comes to engagement. Rather than only offering the option to like a post, you can now also click celebrate, support, love, insightful or curious. This feature helps pinpoint a more specific reaction from your followers and encourages more types of engagement.

3. Polls

Polls are another great way to get direct and quick feedback from your followers. They can be used to ask questions, start new conversations with your network and even to figure out what type of content your followers would like to see more of. Additionally, using a relevant hashtag in your poll question can lead to above average post reach!

4. Organic “Carousel Posts”

When going through social media pages, people usually prioritize convenience and accessibility. The carousel post feature gives people just that by putting multiple pictures in a scrollable format making it easier to interact with the post. This is most helpful for brands that rely on pictures and videos to reach their consumer base. 

5. Live Video

Similar to stories, LinkedIn adopted Live video from other social media platforms but that doesn’t mean that the feature is any less effective. Live videos let brands and followers interact in a much more personable way leading to more reactions and comments in real time engagement. Examples of Live video ideas for LinkedIn include things like Q&A’s, interviews and broadcasting events and product launches.

6. Name Pronunciation 

Name pronunciation allows brands or individuals to create a 10 second audio recording that can be found next to their name. This is a useful tool that helps brands promote an inclusive workplace and make good first impressions.

7. Newsletters

Last but not least, using LinkedIn’s newsletter feature is one of the fastest ways to help grow your company following, especially if you already have a blog feature on your website. By repurposing existing blog content and posting it as a newsletter update, you will increase your page’s ranking and attract new followers. Similar to posting an article, a newsletter update will be sent to subscribed followers and appear in search results for key content terms.

Understanding these features will be helpful in strengthening your brand’s LinkedIn presence, but if you’d like to skip the hassle or want some help with other social media platforms, contact us at hello@oliverandco.social for a custom LinkedIn Page Audit or to book a social media management consultation.

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