Spring Cleaning for Social Accounts

Spring has officially sprung and we’re all embracing the warmer weather and outdoor festivities the season has to offer. As we put away those heavy layers and pull out our crops and tank tops, you may even find yourself doing a bit of spring cleaning. Don’t limit that energy to your home or wardrobe! Spring is a great time to take an audit of your social media accounts, as well. Take a few minutes to go through your social accounts and look at the following areas for any needed updates.


  • Does your bio explain what you do?
  • Is your link up to date?
  • Have you updated any necessary dates, or company figures?
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter: Is it time for a new profile picture or header?
  • Instagram: Are you missing any highlight covers? Are your highlights relevant?


  • Do you have a consistent aesthetic?
  • Are your fonts/color consistent with your branding?


  • How consistently are you posting?
  • Are you sharing a variety of content to all aspects of the platform (feed, stories/fleets) ?
  • Are you lacking content for any area of your brand, product, or service?
  • Are you including calls to action in captions?
  • Where are you in regards to making your yearly social goals?

Community Management

  • Are you responding to comments and direct messages promptly?
  • Are you engaging with other accounts?
  • How has your follower list grown or shrunk recently?

Running through the questions in these four key areas should help you gain a through assessment of the relative health of your social accounts, make note of any needed updates or changes, and stay on track to meet those social goals!

Questions? Email us! hello@oliverandco.social

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