4 Tips for Content Creation

Spring has arrived! Hopefully some fresh content is in the works for your brand to go along with it! Content creation can be fun and exciting, but it can also get messy if you don’t have a strategy or plan. Here are four tips to help aid you in your creation process.

Get Organized

Your content creation should follow your social media strategy. Before getting down to business and creating new content, it’s worth the investment to take stock of what you already have.

What post types are you lacking content for?

What holidays are coming up?

Do you have photography for new products?

Make a list of what you’re missing and divide those concepts into categories.


This is where you get inspired!

You now have a list of what content you need, but you need to come up with unique ways to display that content. Take time to look at what other brands are doing or just save or screenshot cool product layouts, graphics, videos, etc that can inspire your content. Vision boards are welcome!

Block Out Time

Schedule a day and time for your content creation. If you’ll be photographing products or people, create a timeline for the shoot. If you’re creating graphics, set aside a block of time solely for content creation – maybe even treat yourself to an afternoon at a favorite coffee shop so you can relax and do your best work without distractions.

Gather Materials

Now that you’ve got your plan and your content list, gather any needed materials. This includes people as well as objects!

If you’re taking photography, you may need to book a photographer, rental space, or models. Visualize taking the perfect shot and try to think of any props you’ll need to purchase – don’t be afraid to get inspired while out shopping!


These 4 tips will ensure you have a streamlined creation process. Want to skip the hassle and let the pros take care of it? Contact us today! Content creation is included in our monthly social media management packages.

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