3 Common Mistakes Brands Make on Social Media

Are you guilty of these 3 common mistakes on social media? These are easy traps to fall into, but the good news is they’re also easy to fix!

1. Winging It

Don’t wing it! If your current strategy consists of getting on Instagram whenever you remember and posting the content that’s most readily available, you are missing a solid social strategy. Instead, schedule a time to sit down and look at the upcoming weeks and pull together a content plan to guide your posting. Even if it’s rough, this will help make sure you’re varying your posts and sticking to a consistent schedule. Choose your posting frequency, a minimum of two or three post types to rotate through, and note any special content you should be posting about during this time period like sales and events.

2. Not Differentiating Content Across Channels

I often see brands post the same exact thing across their social platforms. While this is better than not posting at all, doing so means you’re missing out on fully connecting with your audiences. The demographics of your followers will vary by platform and the platforms themselves are set up for specific types of content. By looking at your insights and researching what type of content preforms best on each platform you can maximize your social reach.

3. Typos

Last, let’s talk TYPOS! We all make mistakes. Hey, sometimes autocorrect even makes mistakes for us! But, as a business, having typos in your captions will make you seem unprofessional or show a lack of attention to detail. Cut down on potential errors in your captions by planning your content ahead of time to allow for a final review before you post or schedule. Bonus points if you can get another set of eyes to help!

Next time you sit down to work on your social media, I hope you’ll consider these three tips. Could your brand use help managing social media? Check out our services or send us an email at heather@oliverandco.social to get started.

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