4 Easy Ways to Step Up Your Social Media Game

Can you believe December is halfway over? Don’t waste the last two weeks of 2020! There’s still time to step up your social game. Here’s 4 easy ways to start:

  1. Plan your content!
    Don’t fly by the seat of your pants – whether it’s a week or a month of content, organizing and scheduling your content ahead of time allows you to make sure you’re not going missing from the ‘gram when things get busy AND ensures you’re prepared for big announcements and holidays as they come. 
  2. Stick to a posting schedule. Consistency is KEY! The more consistent your posts become, the more likely you are to show up in your followers’ feeds when they’ll engage with your posts. 
  3. Use hashtags appropriately. Hashtags collect relevant content into one centralized place AND increase the chance of your post appearing in front of users that follow them. Spending time researching which hashtags are most relevant for your product, service, or audience will pay off big time in the long run. (Not sure how ? Dm us!) 
  4. Engage with content daily. Because Instagram favors its users who are most active, part of Instagram’s algorithm includes how often YOU engage with the content in your feed. So, in addition to posting you also need to be interacting with other accounts. Take 15 or 30 minutes everyday or each time you post to like, comment, and save posts from others in your community. 

If you’re finding that you’re in over your head trying to manage posting social media content and running your business, investing in social media management may be a great option for you! Message us to set up a complimentary consultation. 

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