Oliver & Co. Social Media Internship Experience & Takeaways 

By Hollie Haris, Fall 2022 Intern

Internships are professional learning experiences for college students to gain on-the-job experience in a certain field or industry they are interested in learning more about. Not only are you gaining experience from doing the work, but you’re also getting the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals in the industry! This past semester, I interned at Oliver & Co, a boutique social media marketing agency. I discovered this internship after reaching out through instagram, as I was searching for a remote experience in the digital marketing field entering my senior year as a business student with a concentration in marketing. This experience gave me a new outlook on the digital marketing world to say the least! 

Most of my projects involved written communication, research on social media trends, and creating graphic content for Oliver & Co. and their clients. I kicked off my internship with getting to know more about all things social media; researching other marketing agencies and marketing blogs, pulling ideas for contents and blogs related to social platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest), and diving deeper on how social media works differently for personal and business use. Since I had no prior experience in social media marketing besides my college classes and retail job, this was a great foundation to build on! From there, I focused more on graphic creation in Canva for a few different clients. It was interesting to see the different brand kits, brand personalities, and feeds for each of those clients! Perhaps the most valuable experience in this internship was assisting in managing a larger account for a client, SlumberPod, by sharing stories and posts they were tagged in. It was neat to log into an account with a larger following and see the activity on their feeds and their interactions with customers. I am certainly taking a lot of Canva tips and tricks, blogging experience, and social media knowledge with me as I move forward after my internship. 

Heather, founder and head social strategist, was such a pleasure to intern for and I cherish this experience! She arranged weekly meetings to go over the work I completed the prior week in addition to covering what my duties were for the upcoming week. She sets clear expectations and goals and gives you the freedom to work at your own pace, which makes the experience that much better. Balancing life as a college student can be challenging, so this internship also helped me focus on time management in addition to everything else I am taking away from it. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I couldn’t believe how fast it had gone by when I realized it was my last week! This internship experience is a great fit for those marketing students looking to strengthen their skills by gaining hands-on experience in the social media marketing world. If all things social media interest you, especially graphic content creation and blogging, Oliver & Co. Social is the place for you! 

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